The Samsung CLP325W Printer: The Wireless Advantage

If you are searching for a printer that prints vibrant colors and images in good and above standard quality, then the Samsung CLP325W Printer is your ultimate bet.

Weighing only 11 Kg, with dimensions of 388 x 313 x 243 mm (excluding the paper tray), the Samsung CLP325W model is ideal for busy professionals and students such as for example those working on projects and theses because it delivers high quality outputs minus the hassle of weighing an excessive amount of.

Adding more to its portability feature is that model employs wireless technology. It is possible to connect via Wi-Fi instantly for this reason model’s One Touch Wi-Fi setting – no need for configurations and pass-codes. You may also share this printer with colleagues at work or family members in the home through using a network.

However, although useful in the office, this Samsung CLP325W Printer is most beneficial for personal use because of its easy-portability feature. When you are really pushy then yes, it can be used for any office, but so long as the workload isn’t that heavy such as for example in small company offices that need only mild paperwork to be printed each day. How come this so? Unfortunately, this printer isn’t your perfect buddy if you want to print more than a huge selection of papers since its speed is a bit slow.

Though it can print 17 pages each and every minute for mono (black) outputs, it could only produce four pages per minute for colored ones. This speed is actually a thing that busy persons don’t want to deal with. However, if you have a lot of time and quality rather than quantity can be your motto – then go grab this printer.

Unfortunately, users of this printer also complain of frequent jams particularly if the printing jobs are too many. So if you intend to bring this to your busy office, give yourself a favor and get a heavy-duty printer instead. However, if that is going to be your house buddy, then it’s a perfect choice!

Moving on with the product, another adorable thing about it is that the Samsung CLP325W comes with Samsung CLP325W toner cartridges that provide you the benefit of having perfectly sharp and readable texts even in small-sized fonts and high-quality images.

What’ wireless printer for iphone is that its replaceable cartridges are so easy to find and so are cheap. Re-manufactured printer toner cartridges are often available from third-party vendors and are much cheaper. However, to attain premium-quality printing results, you need to grab toner cartridges straight from the dealer. You can purchase a toner cartridge for a particular color alone, or you can buy all colors in a collection.

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